06 April, 2010

Episode 67: Try another Haystack

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Weigh in:

Still going: Rooibos, Eliina Shawl and Striped socks
Started Laporte Ave. Tote

Fiber Exercise:

Spun up 1.5 oz Corriedale Top

My exercise:

Joined Weight Watchers
Counting points- I can’t eat them all
Light Chocolate silk

Cooking School: On recess

In the Kitchen:

Wet Burritos
Flour tortillas
1 pound ground meat
1 small chopped onion
1 handful cilantro chopped
Cumin, garlic and chili powder to taste
1 can refried beans
1 can enchilada sauce
Shredded Jack Cheese
Brown ground meat, add onions, cilantro and spices to taste. Drain. Heat refried beans and sauce.
On plate place tortilla, add beans, meat mixture and cheese, fold and roll into burrito shape. Top with enchilada sauce. I serve with Spanish rice and a salad

Pot Luck:
Knittinwolf's Wrapped in Hugs and Kisses
Catsaysknit's Essential Tank


Search for needles
Chips- Carolina BBQ & Tomato Basil - Gluten/soy/MSG free, 0 trans fats

On the Menu:
Knit a way – coming up quick- Puppy chow & DVD’s

Gadget Corner: