18 May, 2010

Episode 72: Thank you Mr. Obvious

Weigh in:

Eliina shawl, Rose retreat socks

Fiber exercise: New orifice hook in the making

Real exercise: Missed WW, Keeping better track of points

Cooking school:
Toe closures:
Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 2010 has lots of info.

Top down: Kitchener stitch
Toe up: Double needle long tail cast on -- pictures coming soon.

In the kitchen:


Pot luck:

RJHuggz: Mary Jane Booties
Sonomaknit: Cash's Gecko
jj2edwards: Birthday Shawl


Crazy week- Dinner
Hotel sitting
We wear O-rings
Bears for Charity- Threadbear- comfort bear drive
Swap the seasons
Pay it Forward-- Winner announced

Talk soup:

Keigiliakitten:- Shout out to her new podcast "Yarns from the garden"

Where my screen name came from?


Who is your favorite author and what genre of books to you like to read? What is your favorite type of Music?

Gadget corner:

Butt Bag