28 April, 2010

Episode 69: Verbal Vomit

You can Listen Here

Weigh in:

Chloe sweater, Two at a time socks, Rooibos, Eliina shawl

Fiber Exercise: None

My exercise:

Walking, Water, Missing Weight Watchers

Cooking School:

Sock knitting: DPNs, 2 circs, ML and straight needles.

In the Kitchen:

Granola & Yogurt for breakfast

Pot Luck:

Closetomyheart: 9 to 5 Shrug
RJHuggz: Fairy Blanket test knit #2 for ShoeDiva (Melanie Frasier)
Mandymoesy: Gracies St George's Day Cardigan
JenAus0524: ArtPrize 2010 Kit #2


Weekend Away
Nail file
Listening- Relationship builder
Active Listening
Pay it forward Contest
Swap the Seasons

Talk Soup:

If you could travel to 3 destinations where would they be and why? (When you) own your own yarn shop what would it be named and what types of yarns would you carry?
Knitsaholic: Why don’t you knit two socks at a time anymore?
On the Menu:
Knit-a-way, Send off party

Gadget Corner:

Sheep Incognito

Thinking of a print or two for the craft room


Anonymous said...

Coggie, my name is LaVelle and I am LaVelle on Ravelry. I just want you to know that my husband is in the Oregon Natl Guard and his unit has been deployed 3 times. My husband has been spared each time, but I know some of what you are going through. I was a Family Program Co-ordinator on one of the deployments and encourage you to get in contact with your Family Program group if you have one. Contact me if you want to talk; nottnott@wvi.com

Coggie said...

Thank you, I will contact you. I am a member of the FRG here, have been for years. It is a great set up for those of us behind the soldier.